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If your ebook sells 750+ copies within the first twelve months after it is published by us, you can request for your book to be uploaded into our print-on-demand distribution channel, made  available to the largest possible audience - over 50,000 wholesalers, online retailers, book sellers and libraries in over 100 countries. Your book will gain maximum exposure in the market today. And, importantly, never out of stock or missing a sale.

* Important Note:
 - You need to supply the print-ready PDF of the interior and cover.
If you require print edition formatting of your manuscript, we can quote separately for this service.

Vivid Publishing's print-on-demand (POD) service is available to all Australian independent and emerging authors, small to large businesses and organisations wishing to publish their next work with minimum financial risk, and with maximum worldwide reach with solid distribution channels.

POD is a method where new copies of a book are not printed until an order has been received via a distribution channel such as Amazon. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 24 hours or less. Major advantages for small publishers and authors include: no inventory required; no warehousing of bulk printed stock; single copy orders are viable and profitable to fulfil; economical setup costs so minimal financial risk; and access to world’s largest distribution channel.

In addition to all the benefits with print-on-demand, through catalogue data feeds, your title instantly receives extensive market exposure via our continually updated distribution partner database. Your book will be easily found, and purchased, leaving you to concentrate on the marketing and publicity. Note, connection to your target market, marketing and publicity is key in most cases to achieve healthy sales.

POD is most suitable for Australian authors seeking a global reach and fulfilling overseas demand.

Worldwide distribution to amazon and many others.
Monthly updates of all collated sales reported.
100% of all rights, owned by you, always.

Fontaine Publishing Group specialises in print and digital publishing solutions for emerging and independent authors, small and large businesses, government and organisations. Fontaine also 're-births' published authors' out-of-print paperback titles.

some of our publishing statistics

years, since 2006

we have been in the business of supplying successful digital publishing solutions to Australian content-creators; independent and emerging authors, businesses and organisations.

books published in the last year.

Published and distributed by us, accounting for many thousands of books sales, earnt by our ever increasing family of authors.

plus authors published

so far. Includes those from the medical, university,  business, charitable, music, movie and political arenas.

Million printed pages published

over the last ten years. Yes, we are also traditional trade book publishers. Benefit from our wider book publishing experience and perspective.

Print-On-Demand Services

We offer expert Publishing services tailored to your requirements


A dedicated Vivid Publishing ISBN and webpage. Book data submitted to Title Page®, Australia's most widely used book availabilty service used by libraries and bookstores.

Friendly 1-on-1 Service

Our dedicated book publishing consultants work with you personally to deliver the most suitable solution to meet your publishing objectives.

global distribution

The widest distribution retailing network available, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and many others. 

sales dashboard

Monthly updated sales reported on your private online Sales Dashboard. Royalties paid when you want, directly into your Australian bank account.


Available on the most popular online bookstores such as Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble and many others. Orders fulfilled seamlessly, leaving you to concentrate on promotion.


Orders fulfilled directly by Fontaine for all Australian trade and library orders.    


A Vivid Publishing web page promoting your book. (view examples.) - the perfect hub to drive your target market to explore more about your book, and to easily purchase.

PRO cover design

Our professional designers can create an eye-catching cover design, essential to stand-out in a saturated marketplace.
POD SUITE PRO package, see below.

author web page

Author webpage that will promote your book and have direct links to purchase. Directing all your marketing to this webpage will reap benefits.


Enable Australian buyers to purchase your book easily online - 100% of proceeds  is deposited directly into your account, and an emailed order detailing purchasers delivery address for you to fulfil from your own personal stock of books.

Ebook options

We can convert your manuscript into an ebook edition and distribute worldwide to Amazon and many other ebook retailers.


we have a book publishing solution to suit all budgets*

  • B.Y.O print-ready interior
  • B.Y.O print-ready cover design
  • Our full suite of services (above)
  • Global Distribution Global POD Distribution
  • 'Bestseller' Cover Design
  • Professional interior formatting
  • Our full suite of services (above)
  • Global Distribution Global POD Distribution
  • 'Bestseller' Cover Design
  • Professional interior formatting
  • Our full suite of services (above)
  • eBook conversion
  •  Global
                      DistributionGlobal POD Distribution
  • Global DistributionGlobal ebook Distribution
corporate / custom
$ contact us
  • Full custom book publishing solutions.

    Contact us with your requirements and we will supply a firm quotation.




* Based on a standard Microsoft Word manuscript. PDF files, footnotes, extensive contents page and wordcount, additional images and other extra elements  may incur a small additional cost, contact us with details for a firm upfront quote with no hidden costs.

** BYO pricing reduced to $0 if your ebook published by us sells 750+ copies within the first year.

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